Easter at the Beach {Stanwood Child and Family Photographer}


Our plans for Easter this year were a little different than our usual tradition of a big family get together.

So, we packed a picnic and loaded up the kids in the truck and headed for the beach!

We didn’t tell the kids where we were going until we actually arrived since at their ages the concept of time is still a mystery and when we mention things that we are planning to do tomorrow or next month, it’s an every 5 minute question of  “Are we there yet?!” 😉

The weather was beautiful…we honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better this time of year. Being the overly protective mom that I am  – I packed their parkas, glove and hats and thought for sure we’d freeze our tushies off. Thankfully, we didn’t even need coats! For the first few hours we were there, we were the only souls on the beach and it was glorious.

The tide was out so the kids were able to explore for treasures and collect clam shells. They splashed in the tide pools, climbed on driftwood, built sandcastles and got covered from head to toe in sand!

Danny and I were able to sit back and truly be present with the kids. We reflected back on the journey we took together to get to where we are now and relish in our blessings.

I did pick up my camera and document the day a bit, which is rare for me to do on these outings.

I usually leave my “big camera” at home and save that for capturing other people’s memories. But, I do want to also have a good documentation of my own family to look back on in the years to come. So, I snapped a few shots throughout the day and then put the camera away so that I could continue to be in the moment with my family and enjoy spending some good old fashioned quality time together – unplugged and uninterrupted.

It was awesome and honestly, none of us wanted the day to end. And while next year, our Easter festivities will likely resume to their regular traditions, this impromptu beach day reminded us how important these types of activities are for our family and how easily they can get pushed to the side amongst the hustle and bustle of daily life. We will definitely be scheduling time for more like them this year!




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