Families that laugh together… {Snohomish Family Child Photographer}

I’ve photographed Mike and Tami’s family for the past few years. When Tami told me that she and her Aunt Linda wanted to go in and purchase a photo shoot for their whole family session as their Christmas present, I was so excited! What a totally thoughtful gift idea!!

As a photographer, when you get 15+ family members together for a session, you never really know what you are going to get! Thankfully, these guys were all so much fun to work with and were completely willing to be goofy with me and put up with my crazy shenanigans as we powered through large group photos and conquered the mini family sessions and the fun cousin shots, too!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos… I know that these extended family sessions are rare and often hard to get everyone together in one spot at the same time. However, I also know how important it is to have these memories for years to come!





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