Golden Hour Love and Horses {Arlington Snohomish Monroe Horse Photographer}


This session has been in the makings for nearly a year. When my daughter started taking horse lessons from Kim, I thought to myself how cool it would be to do a fun session with horses during golden hour because of the epic awesomeness that could occur. I loved the idea of doing it as personal project for myself since I haven’t really done one before. The idea behind that is that because it’s a stylized shoot that I am envisioning…there is no pressure on my end and I get to have full creative control during the shoot! So, I enlisted my models who are, of course, real life couples because I wanted the emotions between them to be genuine and full of love.  And, what better way to shoot the love of these two couples and their shared love for horses than with my own husband! It was so much fun to get to shoot this with him because there weren’t the usual stresses and tight timelines that wedding days usually entail. And, we also have a lot of fun working together.. he is the ebb to my flow.

As the date of the session drew closer, I was so excited to have everything fall into place without any major hiccups. The one thing we didn’t have control of was the weather and whether or not we would actually end up getting any yummy golden light during the shoot. And, not only did we get golden light… We got AMAZINGLY YUMMY golden light.

I want to give credit and shout outs to a few people that helped make this shoot such a great success.

 The beautiful bouquets of flowers were made by my friend, Karlee Blake. She is a florist and does gorgeous work. If you ever are in need of flowers for any occasion, be sure to contact her at Fragrant Designs.  (Apparently, the horses thought the flowers were a special treat for them, too! And they kept trying to eat them! 😉

The ladies makeup was done by Tiffany Kon. She is one of my dearest friends and does amazing makeup artistry. If you are getting married and need makeup, or heck, even just want it done for a night on the town.. she’s your girl. You can contact her on her Facebook page, Tiffany’s Bridal Makeup.

And of course, huge shout out to Sara & Chad and Kim & Mark for being such willing models putting up with our requests and directions! 😉

If you are interested in horse riding lessons, I cannot say enough good things about Kim. She is kind, genuine, patient and incredibly skilled in horses. She runs KL Horsemanship Training at Silver Star Stables in Arlington. If you want to find out more about lessons, contact her here.


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