James & Leane’s Long Awaited Maternity Session {Seattle Everett Photographer}

This maternity session has been FIVE years in the making!!

I first met Leane several years ago at a local photographers social gathering. Sharing a passion for photography, all things girly and similar senses of humor – it was safe to say we hit it off instantly.  Another thing she and I ended up sharing was our own personal struggles with infertility. I’ve always been pretty open about my own personal struggles with infertility. It’s something that isn’t really talked about very openly. Which is actually ironic considering how many couples it actually affects (1 in 6). But, when I found out that Leane and James were amongst those statistics…my heart broke for them.

Over the past 5 years, She and James did  5 IUIs, 2 trial studies, 4 cycles of IVF, 4 transfers, 2 procedures, 166 needles and experienced countless emotions along the road to getting pregnant. And then, FINALLY, they got to hear the words “you’re pregnant!”

And now, in just 6 more weeks, they will finally get to welcome their precious baby girl into this world with open arms. To say I am excited for these two to become parents is an understatement.

And, although we will never know why your path to get to this point took this long and was so difficult, I truly do believe that you guys are going to be better parents because of this journey you went on together.

James and Leane – thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to capture this long overdue, anxiously awaited and well-deserved moment in your lives. We are sooooo excited to meet your little girl. I know you are going to knock the socks off of this parenthood gig. We are so blessed to get to continue on this journey with you guys! Love you!

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