Kailee ~ Class of 2016 {Lake Stevens Arlington Senior Photographer}

This is Kailee and she full of so much spirit! I just loved everything about our session.
This is not the first time I’ve met Kailee.. I had the pleasure of photographing her family a couple of years back and I did her brother, Zack’s, Senior photos last year.
She is a Senior at Arlington High School this year.

But, on top of that, she also attends ORCA – which is Ocean Research College Academy. She is taking college level courses in conjunction with her regular school and will graduate high school with her Associates Degree! That’s pretty amazing and takes dedication and determination!

I love that Kailee’s parents always attend these sessions with their kids. They are great comic relief  on the sidelines and it’s always so great to see when teens have a great relationship with their parents. I asked Cindy and Skip for tips on what I could do to continue the trend with my own kids! They said lots of love and good boundaries! Great advice!

I apologize in advance for the over sharing of photos below! Grab something to drink as you scroll through these photos of beautiful Kailee! We just had so much fun shooting that I couldn’t narrow it down!


I just loved this shot!


I may or may not have tripped over a log around this point when I was trying to get a better angle for the shot. Which resulted in Kailee cracking up at me.. hey! at least I was able to capture the natural laugh still! 😉


I love how willing Kailee was to do pretty much anything during our session. She put up with me directing her into poses, laying on rocky riverbeds, splashing barefoot in the freezing river and climbing on fallen trees! You are a true champ!!


Look at those natural lashes!


Kailee said that if we had time she wanted to get some shots in her “wild and crazy” outfit… I wasn’t sure what that meant..but of course, I was excited to see it! As it turns out, this is more Kailee’s true style.. so of course, I wanted to capture that… After all, that’s what these sessions area all about!  I loved these next few images… I feel they truly capture Kailee’s true spirit and personality.


And I had to also get a quick shot of Kailee and her boyfriend for the past 3 years, Alex, who came to show his support during her session!


Kailee – I truly had so much fun laughing with you during our session. I know you were dealing with some emotional stuff that evening having just lost your grandpa the week prior.  I am so happy to have had the chance to meet him and get to photograph you all together. I know that he will be so proud of the woman you are and is surely watching over you now.

Enjoy your Senior year.. I have every faith that you will go on to do big things in this world!!!


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