Lucas is TWO {King Snohomish County Child Photographer}

It’s hard to believe our ‘little’ guy turned TWO years old last week.

It really is amazing how fast time flies.

We took the kids up to one of my favorite locations for his birthday photo session and I must say –

it was our most successful shoot to date with my own kids.

People always joke that I must get so many great photos of my kids, and while yes, I do take plenty of photos of them.

It’s usually just with my phone! I am trying to get better about breaking out the “big camera”

for them.. but life gets busy and sometimes managing two fast moving toddlers is challenging! 😉

This was a pretty quick session  – around 20 minutes –

I’ve learned you have to work fast when photographing kiddos this age!


He is full of so much energy. He talks up a storm and kind of amazes us most of the time.

We like to call him “Destructo”

because he’s always getting into everything and not in a delicate manner.

What can we say?? He’s 150% BOY!!


And this adorable little miss started Preschool this month!?!

I can’t even believe it. But, she loves it so much and is always so excited to show me all the new things she has created and learned with the letter of the particular week!


She’s showing me a little sassiness in her posing. Gosh, I love her.

{Those brows…I die.}


Run, run… fast as you can!


And, with that – “I’m done with this hat, Mom!”


“C’mon Buddy, I’ll hold your hand!” Awwww!


Oh man…those chocolate brown eyes! They get us EVERY time!


Daddy loaned Lucas his baseball cap when the rain started to fall on us!



Being the wonderful husband that Danny is… the morning of Lucas’ birthday party,

he took the kids to the park so I could get things ready for the big dinosaur birthday bash.

This set of photos were all taken by him!

So lucky to have him by my side as my second photographer during weddings!


This was Kylie’s “brrr, it’s cold!” face…Parks in February leave a bit to be desired.
We are so looking forward to some warmer weather this Spring and Summer!



Lucas James – you bring us more joy than we could ever imagine!

We cannot wait to see what this year brings for you.

Thanks for being the BEST SURPRISE MIRACLE ever!!

We love you to the moon and back!

~ Mom & Dad


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