Lucas James is 18 months! {King Snohomish County Photographer}

I cannot even believe my “little” guy is already 18 months old!

He’s actually not so little and has wears the nickname “Tank” with pride!

Lucas is a bundle of joy and energy these days. So curious about everything around him.

He LOVES to read books and would choose them over TV any day of the week (yay!).

He surprises me daily with his vocabulary…Half the time I look at him in awe.

He’s a mama’s boy for sure! (Which works out well for us since Kylie is by far a Daddy’s girl.)

He also loves the pool and bath time. Some days we just fill up the tub for some good ol’ fashioned water play!


I always say the 18 month range is one the hardest to photograph since they want nothing to do with holding still.

Most of these capture him in his element – on the go and exploring his surroundings.

He’s is ALL boy for sure. He brings me bugs (dead or alive) on a daily basis!


Lucas LOVES Kylie.

And although, there are some rough times throughout any given day when you have a 1.5 and 2.5 year old…

It’s great to watch these two loving  on each other  and playing together.

Kylie does a great job showing Lucas the ways of the world and being a bit of a “Mother Hen”

On the rare days that he wakes up before she does, the first thing he does is start saying “Kylie, where are you?”

Stanwood.Child.Photographer.04Stanwood.Child.Photographer.05Stanwood.Child.Photographer.06Kylie was showing Lucas how to pose for the camera! My little assistant!


He thought running away from it was way more fun…Good thing I am fast!

This isn’t my first rodeo, Lucas James!!


This face…Well, let’s just say he’s over his Momma being a photographer at this moment.

Clearly, I am interrupting some playdoh fun. 😉



Seriously, she couldn’t be much sweeter!


Snack Time.



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