My Little Cowgirl, Kylie! {Arlington Child Photographer}

My adorable daughter, Kylie Grace at has been in love with everything horse and pony for the last year or so. She even asked Santa last Christmas for a horse she could “ride on” and thus he delivered with a giant horse that sits at her bedside every night since! 😉

Recently, her liking for them has turned more into a slight obsession. Everywhere we go she spots them on books, movies, shirts, in pastures on the side of the road, galloping on the beaches in Oregon. My friend Sara has a horse and mentioned if we ever wanted to come up to the barn we were more than welcome. We playdate a lot with her and her son, Logan. So, one day a few weeks ago, we took her up on her offer.

I didn’t tell Kylie what we were doing until the night before. She is at the age where the concept of time still isn’t really accurate. So, she will ask incessantly about something until it’s arrival if we give “too much notice” 😉

On the drive up to the barn, I explained that we were just going to get to see the horses, brush them and feed them some carrots and apples. She was OVER THE MOON excited!








Sara’s horse Peyton is gorgeous!! And so tolerant with the wee littles!


Sara did great at explaining why they were doing everything and how to properly clean and brush the horse. And then Kylie got to do it herself to! Which of course she loved.

Arlington.Horse.Child.Photographer.06Arlington.Horse.Child.Photographer.07Then Sara pulled me aside and asked if she thought Kylie would like a ride and of course, we both jumped at that opportunity!

So, we strapped on a helmet for her and she looked adorable! Arlington.Horse.Child.Photographer.08







Logan is just a cutie pie. Not as much into horses as Kylie, but slowly getting more used to the idea of them! 😉 Arlington.Horse.Child.Photographer.15Arlington.Horse.Child.Photographer.16

I loved that it’s a complete experience, teaching the hows and whys and then following up with the responsibility of cleaning up and doing the chores side of things too!


After that, we got to go out and feed all the other horses at the barn.

She was in true horsey heaven! Arlington.Horse.Child.Photographer.18Arlington.Horse.Child.Photographer.19

So, today, we had her first “official” lesson with Kim at the stables. She got to ride Ellie English style and Kim even had a saddle to fit her feet! It was adorable. She was a fearless champ and even got to go over some logs and do some trotting! She loved every minute of it. She did a great job of listening and following directions.

Click this link below for a video of her riding!


It truly melts my heart to see her so happy and filled with excitement and passion. We will do whatever it takes to keep her involved with horses for as long as she wants to be. Because honestly, I didn’t even know at the age of 3.5 years old, horse riding lessons were even an option. This passion and innate love for horses is all her!! We are thrilled that she has a passion for something so great. Epecially in a society where there are so many wrong paths she could inevitably choose to take. We love this sport for all that it is and the sense of community it provides. And personally, ALL of the people that I know who have horses, love horses, and ride horses are some of the kindest and warm hearted people I have met. I am proud to have her follow that path at such a young age!

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