Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants… {Monroe Child Photographer}

This is Norah, Skyann and Maylis.

They’ve  been BEST friends and neighbors since they were toddlers.

Skyann’s mom thought it would be fun to do a photoshoot with these girls to document their friendship since

Norah and Maylis are moving to France at the end of this summer.

These girls totally reminded me of me and my childhood best friend.

It was so fun getting to spend some time with them!

The whole gang!

(Skyann’s cousins are Kate and Leia who I’ve been photographing for years. Timothie is lil brother to Norah and Maylis.)

Strike a Pose.

Laughter really is the best thing ever!


Sibling Snuggles

The girls with their “American Girls’



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