The Loehndorf Family {Snohomish County Photographer}

The Loehndorf Family!

I just love these guys. Amber and Scott are parents to these three adorable boys; Jaxon, Austin and Levi!

Having three boys all under the age of 6, they are pretty much busy and on the go every second! I know the stress that can come with having family photos taken and having small children. Planning the outfits, praying the kids are on their best behavior, hoping they stay injury free prior to the session. I know this, because I have the same concerns with my own family photos! 😉

I love Amber and Scott’s attitude and outlook. They parent these boys so well and do it with love and patience! I included a few outtakes in this post..because anyone who knows me knows that I like to “keep it real”.  I am the first to call out the “Facebook Facade” of that happy little perfectly polished, perfectly posed family. Of course, we all want that one photo with everyone smiling and looking at the camera. But, those in between moments… the pouty faces, the meltdowns, the chasing, the bribes.. that is the real deal! It’s life… I like to think I help families capture their lives honestly and  to document all of their ages and stages. I aim to do this with laughter, grace and ton of patience!

Because at the end of the day… it’s all about capturing the love we have for our family!

Amber and Scott – thank you so much for trusting me to capture this time in your lives. You are doing an awesome job with these 3 handsome little men!


This next shot.. I personally love. Honest. True. Real Emotion!




Lost shoes, somersaults and sunsets! 😉


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