The Matter Family {Mill Creek Family Photographer}

Last November,  I decided to start my “Operation: Pay It Forward” campaign.

People had the opportunity to write in and nominate someone they believed was deserving of a free photo session with me.

I got TONS of entries and they all touched my heart in one way or another. I really wished I could have chosen them all.

But, one story in particular touched my soul and helped me to make my decision to gift this session to The Matter Family.

Butch and Suzy are two of the most genuine and kind people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

They have 2 sons, Colton and Case.

Case just started 7th grade and Colton is a Freshman this year!

In 2009, Colton was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Even with numerous bone marrow and stem cell transplants, t-cell therapy and chemotherapy  treatments-

Colton has been called to battle Cancer 5 times in 5 years.

He’s literally got an ARMY of prayer warriors and supporters that are rooting for him along this journey. ( I am proud to be one of them!)

(Check out his full story and see how you can help by visiting the COLTON’S ARMY website here.)

The STRENGTH, COURAGE, FAITH, and LOVE these guys share is unlike any other.

Colton is truly a HERO among us.

Let’s be honest, as parents, we all hope and pray that we never have to go through what this family has endured.
All I can say, is that if I am ever faced with something as difficult as Childhood Cancer – I hope and pray to handle it with the same attitude as these guys.

The live by the motto “FROG” – Fully Rely On God

I wish that I could eloquently describe this family in this blog post, but I don’t believe there are words to adequately describe them.

So, I will just get to the photos – you can see their LOVE and LAUGHTER shine through.


Suzy and I have literally been trying for months to get this session on the books (and keep it there!)

But, when you are dealing with all sorts of doctor appointments, treatments and relapses…that can get tricky.

God’s timing is pretty amazing sometimes because after they left this photo session,

they got the call they have been PRAYING for.

Colton’s Leukemia cells in his bone marrow are down from 40% at relapse to less than 1%.


Please keep saying your prayers for Colton that the results continue to stay positive.


Colton and Case – thanks so much for giving up your Friday night to spend with me!

I know being teens that’s asking a lot 😉

Butch and Suzy – you are AMAZING parents and have done an outstanding jobs raising your boys so far.

I loved getting the opportunity to meet you all (considering I feel like I’ve known you for years!)

I’m 110% positive I made the right choice in choosing your family as recipients.

I hope these photos bring you lots of love and as many feelings of happiness as they do to me when I look at them!

Entries for this years Operation: Pay It Forward will begin again in November. 

Stay tuned for details on that if you or someone you know is deserving of a free photo session. 


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