The Patel Family {Duvall Child Photographer}

This is my third session with The Patel Family. I just love getting to see how big Abhi and Elena have gotten each time we meet for a shoot. Last weekend, we met up and it was in the 90s out. Quite a drastic change from past sessions when we were bundled in coats with umbrellas during the Fall!


Siblings hugging and giggling..doesn’t get much better!


We ventured down to the riverfront to dip toes in the water… but Elena thought it was a little too slimy right by the riverbed!

I’m with her! I am not one for stepping on slimy things in barefeet! 😉

Duvall.Family.Child.Photographer.12Duvall.Family.Child.Photographer.13Duvall.Family.Child.Photographer.14Duvall.Family.Child.Photographer.15Duvall.Family.Child.Photographer.16So much fun finding rock treasures!

And, oh those beautiful lashes!


Thanks for braving the heat wave with me! Always such a pleasure to see you guys!


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